What Is Cocaine?

Cocaine Buy Online

What Is Cocaine?

Cocaine Is a highly stimulant narcotic produced from the coca plant, which is indigenous to South America. Because of the great potential for misuse and addiction, it is a regulated drug. Cocaine is most usually encountered in the form of a white powder that is snorted, but it may also be dissolved and injected or turned into a solid crystal known as “crack” cocaine that is smoked.

How Is Cocaine Made?

Cocaine is generated from the leaves of the coca plant (Erythroxylum coca), which is native to South America, specifically Colombia, Peru, and Bolivia. Several stages are involved in the production of cocaine, including the following:

Matured Coca plants which take between 1 and 2 years to reach maturation are harvested
the harvested leaves undergo an extraction process using alkaloids such as gasoline resulting in a thick paste called coca base
the most common form of cocaine known as cocaine hydrochloride is then obtained by processing the coca base using water and hydrochloric acid. the resulting solution is then filtered and crystalized obtaining white powdered cocaine
it is then packaged in small packets and vials ready for distribution

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